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Elation - bathroom furniture collections


A British company based in Yorkshire, our
heritage in the bathroom market spans over
100 years. With an established reputation for
manufacturing quality bathroom furniture, our
company is passionate about preserving
manufacturing in the UK.
Our in-house designers ensure each furniture range is
researched, designed and tested to suit the British
bathroom, whether it be traditional or contemporary in
style. We have an ongoing reinvestment in new machinery
and this, together with the selection of high quality raw
materials from trusted suppliers and quality craftsmanship,
ensures long lasting quality.
We care about the environment and our environmental
impact through sourcing products, recycling & waste and
as a company we are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 registered.

Proudly Made in Yorkshire

The brand is rooted in British design principals,

taking pride in designing and delivering high quality

products with integrity. The highest importance

is placed on creating styles that stand the test of

time and functionally wear well. Elation Bathrooms

has expanded this heritage with forward-thinking

techniques, materials and creative thinking.

Our team are dedicated in selecting materials and

finishes from trusted suppliers to enhance the

features and aesthetics of each range, including

colour palettes, tones and textures.


"Designing, developing & manufacturing

in West Yorkshire for over 100 years.

Style and quality brought together with

the British bathroom in mind."