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A Guide to bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting buying guide

Bathroom Excellence

Choosing the best lighting for the busiest room in the house, your bathroom, is so important. Bright, clear light is essential as you prepare for the day. Then later, as your bathroom becomes a sanctuary for relaxation, you’ll probably want to create a more luxurious atmosphere. Whether you want to keep the lights up or turn them down low, we have plenty of solutions.

Safety First

Regulations are very strict in terms of which fittings can be used in a bathroom. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating refers to the amount a bathroom light is protected from water or steam entering the light fitting. Every light fitting is given an IP rating that relates to its water resistance. An IP44 rating or above is an essential requirement for lighting to be deemed safe for use in the bathroom. Bathrooms also have different zones and the zones determine what type of light you may use within that zone.

IP ratings for bathrooms


Inside the bath or shower cubicle. Rated IPx7


Directly above the bath or shower, up to a height of 2.25 metres. Rated a minimum of IPx4


0.6 metres wide and covers the area directly next to ZONE 1, all around ZONE 1, and the area outside of the 2.25 metres directly above the bath or shower. ZONE 2 is also the area around the wash basin. Rated a minimum of IPx4