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Your solutions for small-sized bathrooms

When it comes to the bathroom, not every house has a spacious design layout. Fortunately, size isn’t the most important thing and there are certainly clever ways your bathroom furniture can make it look bigger. Here are some of the top tips to make your bathroom, ensuite or even compact cloakroom be more spacious and still contains everything you need. Without further delay, let’s get started!

Ideas to make your bathroom visually larger than it looks


Using mirrors is my favourite tip since the size of the bathroom can virtually be double the size of the shower. A generous-sized mirror can give you an illusion of space and the trick will work even better with bright lighting. A good recommendation is to use a frameless mirror to blend in with the bathroom interior. If your bathroom has space for In-wall cabinets, a combination with frameless will add more storage space and still keep your bathroom sleek and streamlined.

small sized bathroom solution


In a tight space, a strong recommendation is to use the shower instead of a bath for some extra space. Keeping your shower at minimum visual clutter with glass door shower screen or walk-in shower tray and your bathroom with a look both bigger and cleaner.

small sized bathroom solution

Having said that, if your bathroom can still afford space for a bathtub, a combination of a shower and bath will also be an option. And yes again, transparent shower screen is recommended. A P-shaped and L-shaped bath can make your shower option more spacious without actually taking too much space of the bathroom.

small size bathroom solutions

Colour Tones

Finally, for this blog, minimum selection of colour in the bathroom is a great way to keep your bathroom simple and visually spacious. Furniture, suites, sanitaryware, toilet seat, wall and floor should come in a good mix with the maximum of 2 colour tones. Depends on your preference, you can select a contrast between light and dark colours or keeping in minimum to 2 gradients of the same colour tone. A bath panel matching the wall colour can also be a factor for you to consider. After all, too many details and different colour tone can make your bathroom design confusing. 

small sized bathroom solutions

Storage space:

Cabinets can be a challenge in a small-sized bathroom. As mentioned earlier, a mirror cabinet is an excellent combination to save up space. There is also the option of a tall narrow cabinet to store all your toiletries without taking too much width. Final touch with bathroom accessories such as hangers and hooks can also generate wonderful utilities on the wall or the back of the door.

small sized bathroom solutions


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