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The Bathroom Trends for 2020

The Start of the new year and also a new decade! brings a host of exciting, emerging trends and design inspiration that we can't wait to show you!


Before we take a look into the future, let's take a step back and reflect on the styles which shaped 2019. We saw the rise of wetrooms, bold dark colours and innovative designs, which enabled consumers to use furniture to express their individuality, and provided storage solutions and space saving options.

In 2020 many brands are focusing on growing revenue by looking to inspire the market with in-vogue colours, high tech designs and plans to be greener. So which trends are set to make a splash in the market?

Bath Technology

Technology is at your finger tips these days 24/7. It has enabled you to work faster wherever you are, improve security and now its making bathrooms smarter.

New ways of thinking have lad to pioneering technologies and materials, which are allowing for the creation of an expressive bathroom. As inventions continue to evolve, the demand for multi-functional designs and state of the art products that are both eye catching and functional will grow consumers. With this in mind we believe it's the right time to start exploring the market.

With the decor of boutique hotels heavily influencing the domestic market, we predict that 2020 will see bathroom brands create products that will help consumers bring the spa to their own bathroom, with tech enhancing this blissful experience. From luxury features like Bluetooth speakers systems - Bathroom Trend is helping its customers relax with their favourite music - to LED colour changing lights, which indicate water temperature.

 Grohe Aquatunes Bluetooth Speaker

As well as increase in clever bathroom gadgets such as de-misting mirrors, digital showers will revolutionise the bathroom allowing users to customise their experience by controlling water temperature and duration of the shower.

Aqualisa digital shower

For those of you who have always wished for a bathroom butler, your dreams have come true. We'll start to see more bathrooms incorporating virtual assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri, with voice-controlled showers allowing users to start the water flow and even turn it to their preferred temperature using voice commands. The future of bathrooms is certainly here.

Go green

Companies across the world are taking steps to become more environmentally friendly, whether that's through their products, packaging or processes, and it's more important than ever that the bathroom industry joins a revolutionary wave to save water.

Going green is a quickly rising trend when it comes to purchasing decisions, with the values of brands they purchase from and their environmental footprint high on consumers' list of priorities. As such, it's more important than ever that retailers consider making small advances to reduce their impact.

A report by the Energy Saving Trust found that we use 840 billion litres of water each year for showers in Britain, but through intelligent solutions such as eco-friendly taps and shower heads, the industry can help to reduce consumers' water usage without compromising on design or performance.

Let's not forgot about the use of sustainable materials and packaging. It is a growing expectation that 100 percent of a product's packaging should be reusable or recyclable and it certainly a goal which can be achieved.

Back to black colour trend tap image

 It's a bold statement, but black is the colour the industry has been in love with over the last year and its popularity is set to soar. Inspired by hotels and spas, black is ideal for those looking to create a chic bathroom, which will never go out of style.

Offering a modern look that won't be forgotten, black brassware, furniture, WCs and showers can make for an elegant bathroom. Striking accents of matt black will be on-trend, featuring on shower panel, sinks counter tops and baths.

Rose gold brassware

Gone are the days where the only option for brassware and accessories was Chrome, Metallics are here to stay and Rose Gold is making a name for itself in the bathroom industry.

A soft, golden-tinged shade of pink, Rose Gold oozes a luxurious feel, due to its association with the metal commonly used in jewellery.

Often linked with affluence, the hue can breathe an air or romance into the bathroom and is believed to create a sense of calm according to colour psychology - the ideal combination for any bathroom.

Information from The Ideal Bathroom.

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