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How do thermostatic shower valves work

Two of the priorities when installing a shower is water pressure and temperature. That’s why the thermostatic shower valve can offer you the ultimate solution. The critical problem of an ordinary shower is the lack of stability in the water pressure, especially when there is an interruption from the usage of water supply such as the WC or other showers. The thermostatic design to counter the changes, allowing a fast response time, allowing the temperature to be unaffected. In the event you want to stop the water in mid-shower for shampoo or shower gel, you can simply restart the water flow with the same temperature. Overall, our thermostatic shower collections are designed so you could indulge yourself with some steamy shower.
How do thermostatic shower valves work?
The key behind this technology is the ability to adjust the flow of cold water depends on the fluctuation of the water pressure.  By changing the movement of the valve, the mechanism controls the supply of cold water for the mixture with hot water, helping to maintain a steady temperature. Any changes in the pressure or temperature, the valve will adjust the amount of cold water for the mixture accordingly to the pre-selected temperature. In the case of failure in the control of cold water, some thermostatic valve will immediately shut down.
The benefits:
Safety - Thanks to the mechanism behind the technology, the temperature will be kept consistent to avoid the risk of a sudden rise or fall in the water temperature. For some shower valves, there will also include the feature of preventing overheating the outer surface of the valve.    
Convenience – Since you only have to adjust the flow of cold water, the thermostatic mixer allows the water temperature to be maintained at a pre-selected temperature for a short period if you wish to turn them off during the shower.
Economic Value – Although the thermostatic mixer is more expensive than the standard shower, it’s mechanism can allow you to reduce the time of adjusting the water temperature and turn off during the shower. Hence, it will pay for itself over a period of time.
Design choices:
There are two options for the design choice of the thermostatic shower. A built-in valve, which is hidden behind the tile or an exposed option, which is fixed on the wall. Depends on your preferences and size of your bathroom, you can select the shower product that meets your needs. For more enquiries, you can contact us here or our Facebook page here.

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