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Inspiring designs using black grid frame shower screen

When a piece of clear shower glass is being too simple, adding some pattern will be on the alternative way to create a highlight without compromising your overall bathroom design. Black frame - grid style shower glass is one of the prefered by many customers in recent time and here are some inspirations you can customise for your bathroom.

Bath grid frame shower screen inspiration


For a more luxurious design, matching the black square frame shower screen with some pattern marbles can make the bathroom to be more extra contemporary. The selection of patterns can be as complex Mosaic tiles or large scale marble for an authentic appeal.

Designed and Inspired by Kate Walker  

Black Grid Frame Shower Screen


Greyscale is a wonderful option for decoration as the colour can virtually blend with any colour. You can either apply greyscales tiles on the bathroom wall or use a rocky/cement painting to create a bold, strong design. Additional wooden materials for bathroom furniture can be the finishing touch to differ the shower from the generic showering area.

  Black Grid Frame Shower Screen


Last but not least, minimalism is a concept that can never fail you. You can start with the selection of colour combination between black and white to match the black frame. Depends on your budget or the size of your showering area, applying a layer of white tiles can work well with the design.

 Black Grid Frame Shower Screen

Alternatively, a more colourful option such as light green emerald. Personally, we would suggest a neutral and light colour contrast, indulge yourself with a light and relaxed sensation.

 Black Grid Frame Shower Screen

If you are looking to create this ideal bathroom design, you can get the product here for the best price in the market or contact us through or our phone number 01257 232352 for more information.

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